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Instagram es sin duda mi red social favorita. Me puedo pasar horas haciendo scroll y descubriendo maravillas sin aburrirme, y además es la fuente más efectiva a la hora de encontrar nuevas influencias fatshionistas.

Mi último descubrimiento se llama Manda (más conocida como Fatshion Queen) y además de cara de muñeca tiene un rollazo que te mueres. Rollazo pero ponible, nada de atuendos estrambóticos de esos que sabes solo sirven para hacerte fotos frente al espejo pero jamás sacarías a la calle. Los de Manda son modelitos que nos dan ideas para el día a día y eso se agradece muchi.

Feeling very witchy????????Happy #Halloween everyone! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I love a piece that puts my #VBO on blast – cause guess what? I am okay with it whether or not anyone else is. I mean, geeeez, how about we just love every part of ourselves, why shouldn’t we?! Why should we only love the socially acceptable parts of us? This ideal is pathetic and so unrealistic. You think I care enough about what someone else thinks to suppress my desire to wear what I want in order not to put them off? Get real! Nobody has to live your life but you so don’t ever let anyone else’s opinion of YOUR body keep you from wearing whatever the hell you want. I mean…. damn, I didn’t choose to be this hot! ???????????????? FAT is just something I have, it’s not who I am. Anyone that ever tries to define you by your appearance or thinks they know who you are simply by judging your size can get to steppin’ with that shit! ???????????? I am seriously so over it, so much to the point that I rarely ever post these kinds of messages anymore. No more airtime for the negativity, ????you are not trying to help anyone, you are just being a sad little turd in your mom’s basement instead because you smell like hot dog juice???? ???? kisses ???? Loving this mini from #OldNavy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Head to toe #OldNavyPlus -unintentionally.. Old peep-toe booties and blouse. Size 26 mini skirt and xxl top #ootd #psootd #psstyle #fallfashion #bigandblunt #beautyisnotgeneric #b#celebratemysize #effyourbeautystandards #fatshion #fatvanity #fullfiguredfashion #goldenconfidence #houseofharlow #loveyourselfie #beYOUtiful

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