Si amigas, por si todavía no te has dado cuenta ya estamos en pleno verano y las playas rebosan de gente dispuesta a pasar de sus complejos y disfrutar de sus vacaciones. Quizás tú todavía no eres una de ellas y te escondes en tu casa con bufanda pegada al aire acondicionado…. ¡pues no sabes lo que te pierdes!

Espero que estas fotos de gordibuenas divinas disfrutando del verano te den el ánimo suficiente para hacer lo propio… ¡vamos querida, la playa te espera! <3


The beach is gon’ take whatever body I give it ????

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Since I shared my masters thesis (link in bio), I couldn’t even begin to count the number of people who have asked me in they are marginalized enough to be a visual representation needed in the BoPo community. And I get it, I get why we ask this question. We want to know that we aren’t taking up space where we shouldn’t be, and for every one of those questions I want you to know that I appreciate you for wanting to think critically about the space you are taking up. I also want to make it clear, I’m in no way a gatekeeper for Body Positivity, none of what I contributed to the conversation was meant to imply that. My research and accompanying analysis of what the Bopo community currently looks like and is achieving wasn’t about telling people who is in and who is out, it was purely about recognizing that we aren’t serving the purpose Body Positivity was meant to and should be serving and that we all need to understand how we may be complicit in that. Body marginalization comes in many different forms and manifests itself in many different ways. There are no size requirements because fat looks different on everyone, and when to comes to race, ability, age, and trans identity, our experiences in that and the intersections of those identities really do affect our lives in varying levels. As activist, as leaders, as people who believe that we need to stop valuing people more or less based on how their body is perceived, we need to constantly be questioning how much space we are taking up in this movement, but also be aware of how important your story is. I’m not going to tell you if you are marginalized because of your body, but you know if you are. You know if the world sees you as abnormal or unnatural and if society takes you into account when they create norms and institutions, laws, and protections (see my discussion about Judith Butler and «We are the People»). You get to decide what your experience is in your body and if you are contributing a layer to the conversation that is necessary, that is under represented, that achieves the goals of this community for the better of all of us. ***CONTINUED BELOW***

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POOLSIDE GLAMOUR ????????????❤️ ????????Full outfit details on (link in my bio)

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Announcing my campaign to Make America Cute Again! ????✌???????????? #fatkini #summer #rockawaybeach ????by @laurajanekenny

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